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We are always looking for the latest technology to develop your product.

No matter where you need to shoot, we are prepared to go there!

4K and HD Video Images

We can offer a range of cameras, lenses and formats to produce your video. Currently, we use 4k video format for most of our footage. 4K has 4000 pixels horizontally (4096x2160), which is approximately the size of 4 standard 1080p (1920x1080p) video files. This format gives us great definition, improving video stabilisation, cropping, panning and zooming.




Drone Footage

Aerial images give a new perspective to your project. They can provide a unique view of our world, which ground-based observers seldom see... RKS can shoot 4K aerial videos.


                                   Check some of our Drone Images

Solar panels 

Where is your fieldwork spot? We have experience in shooting where electricity is not available. Using a range of solar panels and batteries, we can shoot great footage in the most remote areas of the world!


Portable Studio 

Where is your lab or office? We can go when/where you are. Just give us some space and we will set up a studio. Footage of objects, interviews and experiments can be easily included as part of your project.


Final Cut ProX 10.4 Editing

Final Cut Pro X is the latest incarnation of Apple's signature professional video editing software. Using this software and a range of apps, we can produce different video formats, adding the latest special effects to your project. 

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