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RKS Media was created to attend the current demand for fast and precise delivering of scientific knowledge to the general public. We produce videos and different media vehicles, attending the specifications of the main scientific journals. 
As part of our team, we have scientists from different fields and experienced video makers.  
We transform your research project into a creative videoclip, making it interesting and accessible to everyone. 
Rodolph Schlaepfer

I worked in the TV advertisement Production for five years, and then decided to study Forestry Engeneering. After graduation I was invited to work as photographer in a scientific project in Mamiraua, in the Brazilian Amazon.

Later, I moved to England and started working as part of the Global Programme of Fauna and Flora International (Cambridge) and the Resilence Project (University College London), always involved in the production of scientific and promotional videos.  

In 2015, I decided to create RKS media, to promote the direct communication between scientists and general public.

Currently, I am living in Switzerland and working at the University of Zurich, producing scientific videos and documenting the lifestyle of hunter gatherers' around the world.



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